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God's Creation, the Fall of Lucifer, & The Rise of the Messiah

This is a three part video.
The first is the Creation of the Universe by the Word of God, including the creation of the angels and the origin of Lucifer
The second is the Fall of Lucifer. While I do use Ezekiel 28:12-19 and Isaiah 14:12-15 to explain the fall of Lucifer, Lucifer's first speech is merely a construction that I myself made, which I based it upon certain verses of the Bible. I tried to be as faithful to the scriptures as possible when constructing what Lucifer might have said to God when wickedness was found in his heart. I also mention the fall of other angels who lusted after women and gave birth to the Nephilim.
Then, I move on to the third and final part, the rise of the Promised Messiah. I give several speeches, each one concerning every single name and title that is given to Jesus Christ.

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Roman Catholic Mariolatry Series

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